Moneytree ATM                              P.O. Box 4247       
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548          800-566-0286

With over 20 years in the business,

MoneyTree is one of the most trusted and reliable brands on the market today.  Since 1994 we have manufactured thousands of machines and were certified to become our own processor in 2005.  This allowed us to keep our customers needs front and center.  We currently process transactions totaling over $60 million a month. We provide our customers with the most efficient terminal management and accounting available, currently processing in-house over 1,000,000 ATM transactions a month.


While numbers are large, we keep the small business atmosphere.  You will quickly get to know the diligent people in Sales, technical support and main office. We desire to establish a long-term relationship with you and your company and guarantee that you will never feel like a number at MoneyTree.     

    Owning an ATM has never been easier or more profitable. Your bottom line will increase with reduced credit card charges, increased impulse spending and an added profit center. With MoneyTree, if you own the ATM, you receive 100% of the surcharge fees.   Processing with MoneyTree’s own Digital Network Solutions entitles you to monthly transaction reports and full service web access. You can have complete access to your ATM portfolio with state-of-the-art Web Monitoring, including Interactive Text Monitoring to check live balances by cell phone, with an Advanced Alert system that notifies you of specific ATM conditions, such as transactions, low cash threshold, reversals and inactivity. Technical and banking support and software upgrades are always free and MoneyTree will stay partnered with you after your purchase to assist you with any and all questions. MoneyTree will handle all claims adjustments on disputed transactions for you so that you can rest easy when it comes to the legal side of things and enjoy your new source of cash flow. 

Why choose MoneyTree?